In this area you find some comments, in original language, that we have received on our releases. It is so motivating to get your feedback.
Thank you so much!

Das Hertz - "Elechtric Gentry"
  & "Initial"

An e-mail to Michael Peters by Raül Bonell (loopers-colleague from spain). The comments  mainly refer to Michael's guitar work.

Hi Michael,

Listened to "Initial" of Das Hertz. Very *lucky* moments. Nice comment about the lo-fi recording... I also vote for a next release in mono.. Ha,ha,ha.

In "Electric Gentry" sound is more than o.k. I like very much live to 2-track recordings as this. Some jazzy/funky feel in track 3 "Verkaufsschlager". So you also got a black heart hidden...

Nice!. Few room for you sometimes, maybe due to the groovy content...

Great guitar voicings/fx on "Freiflug". Wow! "Alete Koks", one minute more please! Funky!!. Good connection between "Umlaut" and "Echo A.". Beauty harmonics/echoings on your side. Again the black guitarists shows up in interlude "Tja ...".

Best impros on "Influenza". "Multi-Funk-Tional" is gorgeous!. Best drums track, room for all, great transitions, varied moods. Is not Vernon Reid the guitarist in "Weltweit"? Wow!, definitely a new side of your guitarism ;-), as well as in "Alle Vöglein sind schon da". I'm afraid by listening to your *puntillism* in "Lugosi" ... Uff! At last, "Relaxado" Well, you all know how to play quietly too...

Thanks for sharing this music. Say hi to Das Hertz members when possible.


The Playing Orchestra; Chain Tape Collective; TPO at myspace

Comment from Harald "Sack" Ziegler:

Ich genieße gerade den "Elektrischen Landadel"!
@ Guido: Mit so coolem "Jazz" hatte ich garnicht gerechnet!



"Brainwank by Colektro tweaks with electronic levels and again orgasmic females moan in rhythm. I’m left with time to ponder its title, thinking ok well they say the brain is in fact the biggest sex organ. 90% of it goes on in there, so porn and its industry apply this and this song alludes to the idea that it’s all just a brain wank. Do they get it across in the music? Well by the time my thought has come this far the track has ended but it is worth another listen to find out." Comment by: E=MC23

"Colektro picks it up where the rest have fallen down with Brainwank (Psycho Foo Edit), a darkly chilled track with plenty of different sounds going on. Riffs that just won’t leave you alone, but never get repetitive or boring. Deep in the background a distorted electric guitar wheezes away and is just enough to create the dark feeling without being intrusive. The rest of the air is filled with original and interesting electronic sounds – excellent! Even the sex moans are perfectly done and effected just right to fit in perfectly with all of the other textures which are deep and plentiful."

"I am really enjoying the Colektro and other Cds that Guido sent. Excellent productions, good music, fun listening. More radio play coming later." 
Don Campau -  (KKUP Radio) California USA

"Congratulations!  Your tune has been selected from the many entries
that we received, to be a part of the "Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka" porn
music compilation on the Comfortstand Web Label!!!"

Mr. Melvis USA

"So-Healthy-Music habe ich mir schon angeguckt - und bin sofort genesen (von was, weiß ich aber noch nicht). Im Ernst: Ich finde das richtig gut - und
der refresh steht dem shm-Logo ziemlich gut. In die "Colektro"-CD habe ich
auch reingehört. Gefällt mir gut, was der Raushauer da so raus haut. (Auf
diesem Wege möchte ich die CD übrigens gleich bestellen - und unbedingt
auch bezahlen, damit das Label so richtig doll floriert ... Also bitte mit
Rechnung schicken!)"

Georg B. - Karlsruhe

"Die Aqua de Tazacorte Edits sind hervorragend gelungen: Soviel höre ich auch auf meinem Altblech-Lautsprecher, dass die Aufnahme sehr authentisch ist, und dass die Gitarre dem Endlos-Windgesang einen gehörigen Anfang und ein gehöriges Ende gibt." 
Georg K.  - Lübeck

Kraut für Alle:


BigBeat, Downbeat, Easy Listening, Lounge, NeoSoul
   Die 2 kölner Jungs Schäng Pfui und Mätes B. beweisen sich hier als deutsche Fat Boy Slim Fans, die ganz im Bigbeat Manier hier bestes Material abliefern.
   Auf den 17 Tracks kommt niemals Langeweile auf, indem hier so ziemlich alles an Samples verwurstelt wurde, was von den urbanen Soul u. Psychdelic-Zeiten übrigen geblieben ist und ganz im Big Beat Manier hier bestens schwungvoll in Hüfthöhe nochmals neu gestrickt, geschnippselt und collagiert wurde, wie es nur noch die Chemical Brothers hingekriegt hätten.
   Für Bar Lounge Einsätze, coole Stehparties und hippen Szene-Treffs ist dieser Soundtrack an Beatcollagen genau an der richtigen Stelle, um sein kühles Helles im relaxten Plausch Manier mal so zwischendrin ganz relaxt reinziehen kann.
Prädikat: sehr charakterisch, durchgeknallt, cool Stuff !
posted by mando, chiffre Netlabel/Netaudio-Magazin: 2005/05

Kurze Anmerkung der Künstler:
Von Fatboy Slim wussten wir anno 1994/95 noch nix. ;-)
Danke und Grüße
Schäng Pfui

"...we are just checking "Kraut für alle" and it is a damn blast!
Wow, how could we live without SHM before !
Please stay tuned and what I can say anyway is that you will be broadcasted in The Brain for sure !"
Eva & Pascal (The Brain) France

"I had a wunderbar time this morning listening to one of shm's strudels, an album called "Kraut fur Alle." Culling samples from the least-hip kinds of German music: crap pop, easy-listening, Cologne Carnival music (guess it's their own Mardi Gras), the Ajujatronik crew keep it mostly instrumental, so no language barrier. Don't recognize the source material, so I'm probably missing out on the joke somewhat, but slammin' head-nodding beatz is a universal language, ya?"
Mr.Fab (Music for Maniacs) USA

"Recorded almost 10 years ago, Kraut für Alle is now released on the ever so wonderful German net-label So Healthy Music. This release features a number of tracks sampling and recompiling the bargin bins of classic and obscure vinyl from Germany. Thanks to Mr. Fab who blogged it the other day and turned us on to this! "
Otis Fodder (Comfortstand) USA


"I am really enjoying the Ajujatronix CD. It's a fine bit of sampledelic, cut 'n paste dubtronica. Sehr gut."
Don Campau "No Pigeonholes" KKUP Radio USA

"...besonders die jecke CD  kommt gut an.  Genau das richtige für die  kommende Session! Demnächst wohl bei uns zu hören.  Alaaf"
Markus (Radio Kölncampus)

- der Präsident

"Großes Lob für die Tracks und das Cover! Echte Volkskunst - Sollte ins Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum" - Frank

"Isch bin in Ostermann Ekstase" - voll der Jeck

"Immer voll auf die Zwöllef " - Muellers Aap

"Das ist ja herrlich" - Pitter

Suspense Dance Delights

February 28, 2005

Old German vinyl trash
"I rarely find netlabel stuff that I would categorize as particularly retro or "groovy", which made this recent release by GeeNerve such a delight. The album is described as "the soundtrack to an imaginary movie", and that sounds about right; apparently "old German vinyl trash" made up a portion of the source material, but I'm not an old German, so I don't know what that means."

Posted by Scotto at: Comfortradio