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Posted April 20. 2006 22:16:14 from
mensch jungs, herzlichen dank für all die wunderbaren,-schönen,-herrlichen musikgeschenke! es lebe der gratissimus!!! was für ein genuss! noch ein grund mehr um am leben zu bleiben...brb.
Posted April 07. 2006 13:58:35 from
Yeah, i love this website! great music - great people - keep on groovin! Regards - th. milton
Posted February 01. 2006 04:05:36 from
hi! the english version of the site the_Kirbi is now open
Posted January 15. 2006 19:59:18 from
Very interesting site. I would like to see more than such sites on the Internet. Thanks for the information.
Posted November 24. 2005 02:27:32 from
Thanks and thumbs up for SO HEALTHY MUSIC - Rob

Posted August 17. 2005 06:25:41 from
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unicode, dou you have records for sale? email me
Comment by jott pee: Hi Viktore, something is wrong with your email adress! Please contact me again! Cheers - jott pee
Posted July 08. 2005 09:29:41 from
This site rocks!!!
Posted June 23. 2005 22:19:16 from
Great Site ! Posted May 24. 2005 17:18:28 from
great ambient music man! thanks. sasha martin.
Posted May 18. 2005 01:23:07 from
Hi, my new release is available on my site. check it out! thanks. My carassius EP: 1- autarus autarus 2- mountain 3- m-sky unicode
Posted April 18. 2005 17:12:09 from
Hi, thx for your efforts! Unfortunately the set gets me an 404-error, is this fantastic set already available on Thank you!
Posted March 29. 2005 19:39:24 from
I would like to thank you for your partecipation at the netstockfest 2005 and for your excellent performance. Listening to your music was soooo.... HEALTHY!!! We did move our bones!!! Keep in touch! mais
Posted March 01. 2005 06:21:35 from
wunderbar!!! -T LA, CA (and at the moment Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Posted February 26. 2005 07:21:47 from
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Hello! I offer You to visit this web-site "Kirbi" is an altay project which is engaged in the experimental electronic music production. LOUNGE, CHILL OUT, DOWN TEMPO, AMBIENT, IDM, EASY LISTENING, INSTRUMENTAL and MORE TECHNO HARD TRANCE. If You wish to have a closer look at "Kirbi" project creations, You may listen to the demo tracks from a new album "ANONYMOUS SYNONYM", which can be found in the following links: Cordially Yours, Denis Fomenko / Kirbi
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Posted January 18. 2005 11:16:07 from
netaudio rulez!
Posted December 09. 2004 00:09:38 from
well, I' from Chile...i' have learn inglish, but your music is very good, very very good.....i' dont now to said.........bye, ..... Pablo.
Posted December 04. 2004 21:32:50 from
hab' colektro "der raushauer" auf deutschlandfunk gehört. hat mich sofort aus meiner schlechten laune rausgehauen. bin gespannt auf den rest. greetz from oldenburg(oldb.) /higgie
Posted November 12. 2004 01:32:00 from
I am really enjoying the Ajujatronix CD. It's a fine bit of sampledelic, cut 'n paste dubtronica. Sehr gut. Don Campau"No Pigeonholes" KKUP Radio USA
Posted November 10. 2004 09:42:37 from
nice work. good logo. funky page. like colektro. best wishes, saoirsa
Posted October 30. 2004 12:24:01 from
coole site, frische optik, grosses lob!
Posted October 20. 2004 13:29:08 from
weiter so!
Posted October 15. 2004 13:06:43 from
Gute Medizin und dazu auch noch rezeptfrei? Da sag ich nur 'Bleibt gesund'. Grüße an die Nurse, ann c.
Posted October 15. 2004 12:03:21 from
gents, keine ahnung, wie euer newsletter bei mir landete, vielleicht wegen meiner webseite - was ja zumindest thematisch passen würde - aber anyway: label, musik und der gesamte rest sind genial: congratz! herzliche grüsse aus heidelberg lutz
Posted October 14. 2004 22:33:48 from
Herzlichen Dank für die tollen Aufnahmen. Ich bin schon fleissig am downloaden ;-) Gerry T.
Posted October 13. 2004 11:00:32 from
Das hier sieht ja schon sehr gelungen aus!
Posted October 11. 2004 12:19:10 from
Hello, the relauch of your site is pretty well done. I really enjoy listening to your tracks. Obvious I signed to the mailing list.
all the best
Posted October 07. 2004 13:27:45 from
hier bin ich zu hause !